Elite – PaperCut Integration

A popular choice amongst law firms is to use the Elite case management solution from Thomson Reuters. Elite is a premier provider of financial and practice management systems to the legal industry and to other professional services markets including accounting, marketing services and management & IT consulting.

We have developed an application to automatically synchronise Elite’s clients and matters with PaperCut’s Shared Accounts in order to make billing customers easier. We also have the ability to import the usage information from PaperCut into Elite so everything you need to bill your client is in one place.

Elite is a business management tool with many features and products and so far no two of our Elite integrations have been the same. This is a testament to the scope of Elite and the flexibility of our development team.

Of course we do not discriminate against other Law Firm software, so if you are not using Elite but still require an interface with PaperCut in order to have uniform and timely updates of your Shared Accounts or Matters, then get in touch.

Eclipse is the UK’s leading provider of Case Management, Practice Management, Matter Management and Process Management Software.

The Proclaim software solution is Endorsed by the Law Society and is used by over 25,000 professionals in a vast range of sectors, incorporating legal, Alternative Business Structures, commercial, Government and charitable.

Organisations using Proclaim range from national heavyweights with 1,000 employees, through to boutique firms of just 1 or 2 staff.

Proclaim solutions can integrate file management, document management, workflow, reporting, accounting, time recording, task and diary functions into one desktop tool. The system has grown organically to become the most flexible and complete solution available for anyone who needs to:

  • Streamline processes
  • Automate tasks
  • Manage risk and compliance
  • Keep the integrity of critical data…
  • … And make more money for their organisation.
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