KPAX - Fleet management

Proactive fleet management

A centralised view of your fleet that enhances active management

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How will customers benefit from KPAX?

Accurate billing

Spend less time managing collection agents with automated billing reading.


KPAX Liberty sits independent of your client’s infrastructure, meaning it suffers less downtime caused by other applications.

Effectively manage devices

Diagnose technical problems remotely – KPAX Liberty sends admin teams information as issues arise, allowing them to resolve issues before they become a problem.

Centralised device management

Quick and simple device installation and updates using KPAX Liberty from anywhere.

Super secure

Communication is via 256-bit AES encryption.

Keep on top of supplies

Only order supplies when you need them with up to date supply information provided by Liberty.

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Your complete fleet control

With KPAX, accessing technical information is a breeze. It doesn’t matter how many sites, customers, or devices you have – everything is easily accessible through a single interface. Whether you’re a global organisation, reseller, customer, or site, you can access the different levels of the organisation based on your user admin rights.

KPAX collects data from networked equipment through a collection agent installed on the customer’s site, which is then analysed to produce detailed indicators, dashboards, and reports. Third-party applications can automatically generate exports, making inventory, invoicing, delivering supplies, managing technical interventions, and making analysis easy. KPAX is compatible with all brands of MFDs and printers, making it a versatile solution for any business.

Making life simpler!

Quick setup

Install the software remotely in less than 10 minutes with an easy-to-follow guide

Automate meter readings

From your network setup, regardless of the brand to invoice or validate billing

Get your supply status

Automate device supply ordering

Proactive device management

Efficient after-sales experience improves customer satisfaction


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