PaperCut - Print Management

Complete control over your printers and MFDs

Print management solutions are extremely popular as customers focus on reducing their costs and carbon footprint. PaperCut is simple to install, has a modern interface and is feature-rich.

PaperCut in numbers

PaperCut is the number one Print Management software and it’s not hard to see why!




Installed on


million printers



million users

Why choose PaperCut?

It takes minutes to install, not hours, making set-up pain free

Web-based dashboard is easy to use and puts all the info onto one screen

Track and control usage and behaviour while eliminating paper waste

Sold into over 195 countries in 30 languages with 89,000+ organisations

PaperCut Products

PaperCut offers a fantastic range of print management software to suit different business requirements; from the classic on-premise flagship solution PaperCut MF to the fully cloud-native PaperCut Hive.

PaperCut MF

Cut waste, track printing, save money

Easy to install and simple to use, PaperCut MF just works. It’s the super popular print management software beloved by over 60,000 organisations around the world.

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PaperCut Hive

Cloud-hosted print management

PaperCut Hive brings powerfully simple print management to small businesses. It’s simple to sell, simple to manage, and simple to support.

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PaperCut Multiverse
PaperCut Multiverse logo

Provide better remote customer service

PaperCut Multiverse helps you proactively support customers, manage licenses, and help your customers experience improvements in their print management goals.

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PaperCut, the obvious print management solution

PaperCut’s simple installation, intuitive interface and first-rate support make it a popular solution amongst our resellers. Combine all this with a very competitive price point, and you too will want to get involved with this brilliant product and start to help your customers recover their printing costs, ensure their document security and cut down on waste, all of which will strengthen your relationship with them.

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