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Powerfully simple 100% cloud-hosted print management for small businesses


PaperCut Hive brings powerfully simple print management to small businesses. It’s simple to sell, simple to manage, and simple to support.

PaperCut Hive is perfect for small to medium businesses and as new features are developed, PaperCut Hive will reach new verticals and larger customer-user environments


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Simple to sell

A clear value story makes PaperCut Hive too compelling for your customers to resist. That means you add extra income to each deal and gain more opportunities to stay in touch.

Simple to manage

Self-installation is easy, saving you the hassle of costly site visits. Instead, you'll gain value from the continuous deployment of new features and the opportunities they bring. Add PaperCut Multiverse for an even better relationship experience. 

Simple to support

And of course, it's from PaperCut — so it just works. PaperCut Hive's self-healing edge mesh will keep your clients printing, no matter what.



The clever tech behind PaperCut Hive’s cloud-based print management


Take a look at how PaperCut has built a resilient, reliable and secure solution without the need for specialist hardware:






Simple printing for everyone


Simple printing for everyone

Somehow, printing got complicated—for both users AND sysadmins: BYOD and smartphones, multiple operating systems, mixed printer brands...

PaperCut Hive, with its serverless printing, makes printing simple again. Users print from any device to a single print queue and securely release their print job using their mobile phone or the MFP/MFD's touchscreen. Simple.



Print from any device to any printer in seconds

Print from any device to any printer in seconds

Print quickly from Chromebooks, Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows devices to any printer brand, without setting up printer drivers.

Convenient print release options

Convenient print release options

Print to one queue and pick up at any MFP/MFD using the simple 'tap and release' workflow powered by Find-Me printing.

Quick and straightforward onboarding for users and guests

Effortless onboarding for users and guests

Get people printing with simultaneous group invites - just sync with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Microsoft 365.


Keeping data secure for peace-of-mind printing

Keeping data secure for peace-of-mind printing

PaperCut Hive has security features built in to keep documents private and on-site, helping to protect data before, during, and after printing.


BEFORE: Access control

Access control

Keep printing activity above board and under budget with authentication at the MFD. Choose when and where users can print, copy, and scan.

DURING: Secure release

 Secure release

Securely collect jobs at the MFP/MFD using a phone, ID card or the MFD touchscreen. Innovative Edge Mesh and IoT tech keeps documents in the local network.

AFTER: Watermarking


Bring back document ownership. Promote responsible document handling by applying a username watermark or a digital signature.


Shrink environmental footprints (and bills)

PaperCut Hive boasts eco-friendly policies perfect for businesses wanting to reduce their environmental impact.


The same well-designed UI you’ve come to expect from PaperCut!


  • PaperCut Hive UI Dashboard

    PaperCut Hive UI Dashboard

    Simple to navigate - PaperCut Hive comes with an equally slick interface you've grown to love!

  • Printer Discovery

    Printer Discovery

    Simple printer setup - Hive users can auto-discover printers, no need for admin or users to lift a finger!

  • Inviting Users

    Inviting Users

    Add users with ease - by adding a user's email address, you can invite users to self-setup their printers.

  • Access Control

    Access Control

    Monitor users and set permissions - to see who, where and when users print, copy and scan.

  • Secure Release

    Secure Release

    Control print security - you have complete control over the level of security needed to release prints.

  • Paper Forecasting

    Paper Forecasting

    Plan and budget - by monitoring paper and toner usage by month or year for easy forecasting!

  • Safety Net

    Safety Net

    Nurture cost-effective printing - save money and the environment by encouraging users to only print if they have to.

  • Promote Black & White Printing

    Promote Black & White Printing

    Promote thoughtful printing by encouraging users to print in black and white.

  • Toner Alerts

    Toner Alerts

    Only order toner when it's needed - send email notifications when toners are getting low.

  • Watermark Documents

    Watermark Documents

    Add print accountability - use watermarking to trace printed documents to your users (to add confidentiality accountability to users).

  • Print Logging

    Print Logging

    Print job logging - view logs of copy, print and scan activities that are fully auditable and available in real-time.


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