Meet the team

At Selectec, we are a diverse group of individuals who share a strong work ethic and a passion for providing excellent customer service. We are committed to working hard for our partners and have big ambitions for the company.

Selectec was founded by two friends with different areas of expertise who had an idea to change the world of copying. They began working out of a garden shed and a third bedroom, and since then, the company has experienced significant growth. Over the past 40 years, we have moved to four different offices, and the shed is now used to store a lawnmower. However, we have retained our energy, spirit, and core values, which include honesty, listening to our resellers, and always doing the right thing. We want to be known for these values.

To achieve this, we have a team of dedicated sales, support, and administrative staff who promote innovative software worldwide. These efforts are backed up by a team of talented developers who can provide integrations or bespoke solutions to match our customers’ requirements, often exceeding their expectations.

So, sit back, relax, and allow us to introduce you to some of the people who make up our rock star team.

Senior Management Team

Paul Weston

Paul - Group CEO

For his sins, Paul is co-founder and now sits on the board for Selectec. He has kept the company going for over 40 years (ignoring comments about more luck than judgement) and is still confident and excited about the future.

Sales Director at Selectec

Stephen - Managing Director

Stephen, aka Big Ted, is the heart of the Company. Passionate about helping others, he enjoys music and his Guitars. He also loves all things techy and riding his Motorcycle. However, he is often caught off guard when he bumps into someone else who is also way over 6 feet tall.

Ben - Sales Director

Ben is the Sales Director for our super-charged Channel management team here at Selectec. With the boundless energy of The Flash and a can-do attitude, Ben works tirelessly for our channel.

Ross Malyon

Ross - Head of Operations

The title of the job role speaks for its self. Ross runs around putting out fires and exhorting the rest of the team to “move faster”. He is often accused of sticking his nose where it is not wanted…


Damian - CTO

Damian landed by accident in the MPS and document management industry more than two decades ago and is still wondering why and how. His search for answers has led him to work for resellers and global manufacturers and travel the world in support of them.

Channel Team

Sian Thurston

Sian - Head of Reseller Operations

Veteran M25 warrior and karaoke queen, Sian has an unmatched enthusiasm for making everything better. You will like her, your profit margin will love her.

Max - Channel Manager

Max’s experience and knowledge are priceless in providing our channel partners with the dedicated support and enthusiasm that they already receive from the Selectec team.

Diane - Channel Manager

Diane enjoys playing netball during her free time, and takes on the role of Goal Attack. She also has extensive experience of 25 years in the MFD/IT industry, and is still performing on “target” . Diane is happy to share or “pass” on her knowledge, she is respected and trusted by all her channel partners.

Lee - Channel Manager

Lee loves nothing better than enhancing relationships with our clients to benefit their every need. If he can have his “80s / 90s Epic Songs” Spotify playlist on at the same time, then everyone wins.

Claire - Marketing Manager

Claire can most-often be found turning the sales team’s crazy ideas into something tangible. When not doing this, you’ll find her assisting our partners marketing needs. With a decade in b2b marketing she’s happy to discuss marketing ideas with anyone who wants to listen.

Kai - Business Development Executive

Pro Services Team

Rob - Head of Technical Services

Rob is an experienced Presales Technical Manager. Our resident “PaperCut Hive” enthusiast with a lengthy stint working in the managed print industry that stretches over more than 20 years. Doesn’t time fly? Rob loves his music and is a massive fan of Liam Gallagher, The Who and all things MOD. “To be a Liam Gallagher fan is not merely about enjoying the music; it’s about embracing a lifestyle.  #LIVE FOREVER

Nick - Pro Services

Nick is addicted to making his home network faster and doing things right. Nick has over 13 years of experience in the industry and uses his knowledge and methodical troubleshooting powers to assist our customers. He is full of technical know-how and is the in-house go-to guy when computer ‘stuff’ involves more than turning it off and on again.

Andy, Technical Pre-sales

Andy - Product & Professional Services Specialist

What can we say about Andy? He is a dedicated professional with a solid all-round IT/Technical background. None of that helps him when he has to put up with those of us based in the South of the country asking him about his whippets and black pudding…

Nick G

Nick G - Pre - Sales

Nick may have been known as Golden Boy in his Kickboxing heyday! However these days, he’s our resident Solutions Consultant Golden Boy here at Selectec!

Scott - Integrations/Development

The standard hiring process for Selectec used to involve the Technical Director looking around for whichever of his children was old enough and not looking busy. This happened to Scott in 1989, resulting in a couple of years spent building book copiers.

Matt G - Development

Matt G has been a programmer for all of his adult life and has programmed in more languages than there are Heinz varieties.

In the past, Matt developed software that simulates the conditions of a fighter aircraft to test specific components before they go in the plane.

Paul - Selectec Support

With more experience fixing “stuff” than you can shake a stick at, Paul brings his calm and friendly Welsh demeanour to full effect when helping our network of resellers.

Mat B - Pro Services/Support

Sales Support

Kate - Partner Liaison & Credit Controller

Weekend dance machine and cake enthusiast, Kate keeps an eye on the purse strings here at Selectec! She keeps a watchful eye on expenses and invoices and keeps the sales team in line. She can often be found worrying about that unexplained 0.10p on an invoice and spends far too much time thinking about food!


Katie - Accounts

When Katie’s not battling baddies beside Disney character’s in Kingdom Hearts she’ll be found tackling her workload in Selectec’s accounts department.

Lakhbir -Assistant Accountant

Lakhbir gets involved in all of the usual account shenanigans including vendor/sales invoices, bank recs, payments, receipts, and expense requests.

Michelle - Partner Liaison

In between thinking about her next sun-soaked holiday and forcing us all to eat healthily, Michelle is often the first port of call for a lot of our partners.