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Free up time with automated file handling

Square 9's intelligent document processing platform eliminates the paper trail and streamlines your workflow with digital automation. The platform extracts information from scans or PDFs, stores documents in a searchable archive, and creates digital workflows to mirror your current processes.

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Why add Square 9 Enterprise Content Management to your portfolio?

If you’re seeking to offer your customers more than just a product, Square 9 Enterprise Content Management could be precisely what you need. It enables you to offer a secure, collaborative, and efficient workplace solution. That results in stronger relationships with your customers and more business opportunities. By becoming a trusted advisor, you’ll be able to develop a loyal customer base.

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Top reasons your customers need Square 9!

Business growth and scale through improved process efficiency

Square 9's software automates document management tasks like capturing, storing, and retrieving information, freeing up employees’ time and allowing for smoother workflows. This efficiency boost translates to faster task completion and better handling of increased workloads, ultimately helping businesses grow and adapt to new demands.

Empower businesses to transition to hybrid working

Square 9 bridges the gap between cloud adoption, zero-trust security, and a hybrid workforce. By centralising data governance in the cloud, Square 9 eliminates the need for complex on-premise infrastructure, simplifying the shift. Its zero-trust approach ensures secure access to documents regardless of location, making it ideal for remote and hybrid work models. Square 9 empowers businesses by giving them the tools to manage and secure data while employees work from anywhere.

Help businesses adopt modern workflows

Square 9 enables businesses to ditch paper-based processes with tools for designing, automating, and managing digital workflows. It allows organisations to map out their processes, create electronic forms, and automate tasks previously handled with paper. Square 9 also facilitates collaboration by enabling secure document sharing and approvals within the platform. This eliminates the need for physical copies, streamlines processes, and improves overall efficiency for businesses transitioning from paper-reliant operations.

The benefits of Square 9's Enterprise Content Management

Always evolving

Square 9 ECM is regularly updated with no less than 20 updates a year.

Scalable product

It has all of your prospects covered, from SME’s through to Enterprise business with its robust, reliable software.

High retention rates

Satisfaction guaranteed with overall customer retention standing at 96.4% for contract renewal.

Fantastic support

You’ll receive a speedy reply to your support request, with average response times of under 7 mins.

How does Enterprise Content Management help customers?

Instant access

ECM saves you valuable time; giving your employees immediate access to the information they need from anywhere, at any time.

Effortless collaboration

ECM is web-based, allowing your staff to collaborate through automated document routing with notification by email.

Enterprise search

ECM allows you to find any file you’re looking for – with flexible search tools, you can locate records the same as you would in any standard search engine.

Secure documents

ECM helps protect your records with granular security that gives you specific control of who can access what – and track when they do.

What can your customers do with Square 9 ECM?

Captur - low-cost Document Management

Capture automation

Imagine being able to take documents in any form: scans, emails (and their attachments), faxes and more and be able to automatically convert the data into a digital, searchable format and organising it in a pre-defined way. You can even bring in data straight from your MFP, for as seamless a workflow as possible.

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Process management

Automate actions based on specific data. For example, when a document is scanned, the text within it can be analysed and a decision can be made based on the content. The resulting action could be an email being sent to a specific department or person with a notification (or the scan of the document itself), or an approvals workflow (such as matching invoices to purchase orders), improving business efficiency.

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Web forms

Use a powerful web-based designer to create beautiful web forms that allow you to capture data, which can then be indexed and automated with ease. For example, this could be applied to Sales Orders, Application Forms, Registrations, Time Sheets and more… allowing you to automate not only the capture of information (and get away from faxes, emails and letters) as well as the filing and organisation of the data captured.

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File search

Manage your data efficiently by simplifying the capture, retrieval and distribution of your business data, allowing you to access documents from a browser while on the move. Top of the range security policies ensures your data is always protected.

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Square 9 Case Study - IntraVAT

Financial Services

Selectec worked with IntraVAT – an international tax compliance company – on complex document capture and management challenges to design a solution that would not only reduce their manual processes, but expand to underpin the operation of their financial services.

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Keep your documents GDPR compliant using ECM

Square 9 ECM helps your business to stay GDPR compliant with a system of measures built to complement GDPR requirements.

Benefits of using Square 9 to enhance your GDPR compliance:

  • Locate personal documentation in a timely manner
  • Create secure, confidential personal data records with unique access permissions
  • Create robust audit trails and document history logs to ensure compliance in the event of an audit

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