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Peppermint technology PaperCut integrations

Selectec were approached by our friends from Sharp Business Systems about creating an integration that allowed Peppermint Technology to work with PaperCut to send files to PaperCut and accurately charge for printing costs.

For this Peppermint integration, Sharp wanted a way for their law firm clients to send files from Peppermint to PaperCut for printing, and to charge their clients for the paperwork being printed for their case.

Loving a challenge, the Dev team (yet to find something they can’t work with) got to work! So, the team stocked up on coffee and headed to their cave… re-emerging three days later with a Peppermint integration for PaperCut for use on Linux, Windows or Mac servers.

What the development team came up with for this particular integration was a way to take Clients and Matters out of Peppermint and add them into PaperCut as Shared Accounts. This enables law firms to correctly charge for the prints and copies they are making. The integration also sends billing data from PaperCut to be imported to Peppermint, making billing easier. This allows law firms to correctly charge clients for the prints being made, saving admin time and streamlining their processes.

About Peppermint Technology

Peppermint Technology provides legal firms with secure, cost-effective cloud solutions to provide their clients with excellent customer service. Peppermint Technology has received numerous awards and considerable industry recognition from the business, legal and technology worlds for its business achievements and innovative legal software. Based in the UK, Peppermint now supports 40 mid-sized and large law firms on the Peppermint Cloud – optimally designed with Microsoft to meet best practice standards for service delivery.

If you would like an integration for PaperCut and Peppermint Technology, get in touch with the development team or contact your account manager to see how we could help you!

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