WisePay Gateway

PaperCut WisePay Gateway

The selectec dev team have been hard at work between coffee intake and have developed a custom payment WisePay Gateway that interfaces directly with WisePay. Compatible with both version of PaperCut (NG & MF), the selectec WisePay gateway is available to enable WisePay customers to further integrate their systems.

The system works by allowing users to add funds to their PaperCut account via WisePay. Users simply purchase PaperCut credit via the standard WisePay interface and their PaperCut balance is adjusted accordingly. To get up and running you will need the Printer Services module from WisePay.

WisePay is a market leader in cashless systems and centralised services under a single platform providing unrivaled managed services in the education and local authority sector.

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For more information, including a quote please contact your Account Manager or give us a call on 01256 246970