The PaperCut Raspberry Pi Release Station Strikes Back

Linux, lover Jon, has A New Hope for his Pi.
It has been a couple of months since we looked at the PaperCut Raspberry Pi release station. There have been some changes since there is now a Raspberry Pi 3 out which has onboard wifi which is a great upgrade and means one less cable to attach to the Pi.

I have also made a slight change to my test setup and ordered a frame for the screen (thanks for pointing it out Nick) this means I no longer need to keep it in the box (although it did look kinda cool!) I can just have it set up on my Desk and swap out the MicroSD card when I am not testing so I can play with something else that we will talk more about in a few weeks.


Another change is I finally managed to get the screen to display the full screen instead of cutting it off this is actually a simple change and makes a big difference when trying to use it. To do this, it is just a case of editing /boot/config.txt and removing the # from the start of a couple of lines and setting the value like below.


Sadly, there has not been much progress on making an on-screen keyboard work properly, but hopefully, I will have that resolved soon.

I also have a Pi Zero to play with, but I have been told the PaperCut Raspberry Pi release station won’t work with it, but that has never stopped me from trying before! It will make for a fun future project.

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