PaperCut MF 14.2

PaperCut MF 14.2

PaperCut has just released their latest version PaperCut MF 14.2 and with it comes a handful of changes to make life better. Plus the best bit is a lot of the new features come directly from reseller or customer suggestions, making this release extra special ūüôā

Included are email to print enhancements, multi-server PaperCut deployment tweaks and reduced admin overhead and new embedded platforms to play with. Good news all-round!

So, what’s new in 14.2?


New Embedded Options

The big announcement on the embedded side of things is the arrival of two new embedded platforms in the form of RISO and Canon solutions. Be sure to check out the official Canon video below for an overview.


Email to Print changes

By popular demand, this feature now supports Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint file attachments. Making life much easier for BYOD users. If you have a need for additional formats then be sure to email and ask nicely.


ID Number auto-generation

If you follow us on Twitter (@selectec) you may have already seen the video on this new feature. If not you can check it out below. ID Auto Generation should make creating ID numbers for customers less of a chore.


PaperCut Search

Perhaps the most important change is the new and improved search function within PaperCut. It allows for a much more efficient way to target specific jobs or users across all PaperCut networked devices and queues. The search will make setting up virtual queues or find me printing much easier for those sites with many print queues. Plus it will stop the author of this blog post asking for this feature. Thank you Dev Team!

As always the full release notes are below, If you would like more information about PaperCut just get in touch.

19 June 2014 - PaperCut MF 14.2 (Build 27858)

New features:

  • Central Reports:¬†Many customers deploy PaperCut in distributed scenarios across geographically dispersed sites. The PaperCut¬†Central Reports¬†feature can be configured to generate aggregated data from multiple, distributed application Servers/Sites. Now formally out of the¬†Early Access Program, Central Reports has been enhanced to allow reports to be created even if a remote site is not accessible.¬†More…
  • Email to Print:
    • Added support for Microsoft Office Documents.
    • Added support for IMAP mail server connections (in addition to POP3).
  • Automatic User ID Number Generation:¬†Some sites require users to have ID numbers to log in to copiers or release stations. PaperCut can now automatically generate user ID numbers for new users — or users with blank ID number records — and email the user their login details immediately. This feature eliminates the user ID management overhead for system administrators.
  • Admin Rights Across Multiple Groups:¬†Admin rights can now be assigned to administrators — either individually or in groups — across multiple user groups at one time. For example, the Admin team can be granted access to both “Students” and “Teachers”. This simplifies administration and improves security.
  • Canon Embedded Integration (Currently available in the UK):¬†PaperCut is now integrated with¬†Canon MFP devices.¬†This integration offers the full suite of PaperCut functionality including Find-me printing, account selection and zero stop control. This feature is currently offered in the UK and is managed under the¬†Early Access Program.
  • RISO Embedded Integration:¬†RISO¬†devices can now integrate with PaperCut to track copy and scan from high volume ComColor devices. This feature is currently managed under the¬†Early Access Program.


  • The Application Server is now more resilient to restart events such as accidental outages or planned server upgrades. In the event that the Application Server is restarted, or failed over to a new VM instance, all user entered information (e.g. using account selection popups) is retained. For example, jobs that were previously authenticated will not need to be re-authenticated.
  • The Admin interface now offers enhanced search capability – particularly useful for installations with thousands of printers or user groups.
  • User Client Enhancements:
    • The Mac User Client icon now resides in the menu bar as a “menulet” and no longer lives in the Dock, conforming more closely to OS X user interface guidelines.
    • Added support for non-Latin characters in the User Client configuration property file.
    • Added the option to customize the text displayed in the account selection popup.
  • This release improves the printer load balancing behaviour when using hold release queues. Now a batch of jobs released by one user will be sent to a single device, rather than distributed across multiple printers.
  • Added the ability for users belonging to the group “guest” to use SSO with Windows Integrated Authentication.
  • Reports enhancements:
    • Log reports now have a new filter option to allow filtering by the print method: Google Cloud Print, Web Print and Email to Print.
    • The “Printer usage – summary” CSV report has two new fields: Printer Adhoc fields and Serial Number.
  • A new payment gateway, CyberSource Secure Acceptance (SA), has been added.
    Note: The existing CyberSource Hosted Order Page (HOP) gateway has been obsoleted by Cybersource. To upgrade to CyberSource SA contact PaperCut Support.
  • A user’s secondary email address(es) can now be set and retrieved via either the API or the¬†server-command¬†tool.
  • Added a global (organization-wide) page for the environmental dashboard to complement the per-user page. In addition, organizations not wishing to publish per-user environmental stats can disable the per-user page and live tiles and have the global page and tiles shown instead.


  • Fixed a slow memory leak in the Print Provider (since 13.5), that may be observed on print servers with long uptimes.
  • Improved account selection performance when using a large number of Shared Accounts with SQL Server.
  • The mobile client and mobile release apps will now work through proxy servers. (See the¬†KB article¬†for more information.)
  • Oracle fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where user information could not be updated by bulk user operations when applied to a list of users.
    • Fixed an issue where shared account quota allocation could not be applied to parent accounts.
  • Fixed some rare cases where Google Cloud Print would stop processing jobs.
  • Improved speed of client popup if a workstation’s IP address changes.
  • If SSO is configured to have a logout URL, the user will now be returned to that URL when the user session times out.
  • Improved the performance of loading the admin dashboard printer status when there are many thousands of printers.
  • Fixed an issue in specific scenarios where user cards were not self-associating at Release Stations.
  • The silent install option of the Windows server installer will no longer display a warning if the version is not recent.
  • Fixed an issue with the Web Cashier Orders report where the cashier name was displayed in the wrong column when making a deposit.
  • Fixed the Moneris payment gateway to introduce a new configurable URL for verifying a transaction.
  • Addressed occasional HTTPS connection issues seen on some systems (since 14.0).
  • Fixed an error when accessing the printer cost pages with Windows Locale set to “English (Caribbean)”.
  • Improved Payment Gateway in “On-demand transfer mode” to check for sufficient/available credit when jobs are released when using the “Print All” button.

Printer compatibility improvements:

  • Speed up Hardware Page Count Validation for Toshiba 2550C.
  • Improved page level color detection heuristic on Riso GDI printer.
  • Improved page size detection for KONICA MINOLTA PCL6 printers.
  • Simplify forced grayscale and duplex on Novell by modifying original spool file.
  • Improved page counting for booklets printed on Xerox PostScript printers.
  • Improved page-level colour detection for Canon PostScript printer drivers.
  • Fixed duplex detection for EPSON PM 3700C.
  • Improved Hardware Page Count Validation on colour Toshiba devices.
  • Improved page sized detection for HP Designjet T120.
  • Fixed copy count detection for OCE 9300.
  • Added more toner support for Ricoh and Brother.
  • Fixed page counting for printing with Center Fold option on Konica Minolta Bizhub PostScript printer drivers.
  • Improved page counting for duplex prints on Canon PCL6.
  • Improved number of copies detection for HPLaserJet Pro CP1025 NW.
  • Improved page counting for multi-copy jobs on Canon PCL6 printer drivers.

Copier / Device Integration:

  • Canon Embedded (MEAP)v26781:
    A new Canon embedded solution for Generation 2 MEAP devices. See the Canon Tour page for more information.
    This new solution includes:
    • Tracking of copy, scan and fax jobs.
    • A native, fullscreen user interface.
    • Ability to select and release individual jobs directly from the panel (Find Me Printing).
    • Account selection workflow with an account keyword search.
    • Client billing options such as job comments and invoicing.
    • Quota enforcement (jobs are stopped when users run out of credit – “zero-stop”).
  • Konica Minolta Onboard (OpenAPI):
    • Automatic setup of SSL certificates on a wider range of devices (Europe/Australia).
    • Added configuration options to hide the back/logout buttons.
    • Fixed an intermittent login issue that may occur with user login and logout in quick succession.
    • Fixed a freeze issue that may occur on new Konica Minolta models C3350/C3850/C4750 when exiting the print release screen.
    • Fixed an issue that may have prevented printing from Fiery RIPs.
  • Lexmark Embedded (LeS)v27486*:
    • Fixed an issue which caused an authentication error in some situations
    • Added an option to skip the start screen.
    • Fixed non-English translation issues on the account selection screen.
    • Fixed an issue which occasionally caused the embedded application to not start on reboot.
  • Kyocera Embedded (HyPAS)v27670*:
    • An optional offline mode allows the device to be used for copying and scanning even when the Application Server is down or unavailable.
    • Shared account billing options such as job comments and invoicing are now available at the panel.
    • Fixed an intermittent “404” error displayed after device wakes from sleep.
    • Fixed small screen layout problems.
    • Fixed non-English translation issues on the account selection screen.
    • Fixed incorrect print times displayed on the Print Release screen when the device time zone did not match the server.
  • Brother (BSI): Added an option to display account confirmation before the job is sent.
  • Samsung Extensible Open Architecture (XOA)v27377*:
    • User interface performance enhancements.
    • Shared account billing options such as job comments and invoicing are now available at the panel.
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing users with a low but non-zero balance from copying.
    • Fixed loading of custom footers under some circumstances.
    • Users may now swipe to log out from the ‘Held Jobs’ application.
  • Toshiba/OKI Onboard(e-BRIDGE Open Platform)-SDK2 devices:
    • Fixed an issue where copy jobs were not being tracked after the hard drive was formatted (or firmware upgraded).
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented a specific shared account from being selected.
    • Fixed a colour detection issue when the device is scanning in “AutoColor” mode.
  • HP FutureSmart Onboard/Embedded: Resolved print release timeouts occurring on the device when managing 120+ held jobs.
  • XeroxEIP2:
    • When refreshing the print release screen, the previously selected job is now cleared.
    • Added a config option to remove the account selection icon.
    • Ensure the device configuration is updated when the server IP address is changed.
    • Added a config option to disable “Swipe to log out”.
    • Fixed an intermittent issue where username/password login may have been incorrectly rejected.
  • Sharp Onboard (OSA):
    • Improved reliability of logging USB print jobs.
    • Ensure that the correct username is logged against print jobs held by Sharp’s print store feature.
  • Ricoh: Added support for authentication using the Inepro Omni card reader.

Other Notes:

  • This release does¬†not¬†contain a database upgrade.
  • Devices marked with * require installing an updated version of the embedded software to access new features and fixes.
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We have worked with Selectec for a number of years now and they are the perfect PaperCut partner for us. The support team is fantastic and knowledgeable and the sales staff are superb. With the high level of service we get from Selectec we have no reason to consider using anyone else.

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