PaperCut MF v13.5

Ho Ho Ho! An early Christmas present from the PaperCut team.

PaperCut MF v13.5 has been released. This will be the last minor build (apart from bug fixes) of version 13. We would expect version 14 to be released early next year.

The three major stand-out changes in this version are:

PaperCut MF v13.5

Google Cloud Print Support (GCP)

This development allows printing from Chrome books and mobile devices to be tracked via PaperCut expanding the ways to print with PaperCut.

Pause on redirect

PaperCut can now pause redirected print jobs. This feature is useful when using a script to redirect a large print job to a certain device. Previously any redirected jobs would have been printed after redirecting.

Release page upgrades

The /release page has seen some tweaks. This page is now easier to use and allows you to assign print jobs to a Shared Account during release a great feature for teachers who wish to make sure the correct account has been selected.

Read more about 13.5 on the PaperCut blog on 13.5.

Full 13.5 release notes below.

12 December 2013 - PaperCut MF 13.5 (Build 25126)

This is a bugfix release for version 13.5 and contains the following changes:


  • Admin Print Release:
    • The new feature to override account selection now works correctly with virtual print queues.
    • The new feature to remember the filter settings now works correctly after logging back in.
  • Google Cloud Print:
    • Fixed an error message that was seen when enabling and immediately disabling Google Cloud Print integration.
    • The Google Cloud Print disable confirmation dialog now correctly displays Unicode characters.
    • The Submit button is now re-enabled when the Google Cloud Print disable confirmation dialog is canceled.
  • Fixed issue with the “processJob” API not charging to the provided shared account (since 13.5).
  • Optimized API performance when linking or unlinking accounts to users and groups.

Copier / Device Integration:

  • Fixed shared account selection issues on Brother, Konica Minolta, Toshiba and Xerox devices (since 13.5).

27 November 2013 - PaperCut MF 13.5 (Build 24862)

New Features:

  • Google Cloud Print (GCP). To support cloud based printing, PaperCut now integrates and enables Google Cloud Print. Version 13.5 provides the tools to allow administrators to quickly publish existing printers, immediately enabling printing from many mobile devices (e.g. Android, Chromebook, and Google apps on iOS). All GCP printing is tracked and controlled, and users can continue to leverage key features such as Find-Me Printing. This core feature is included as standard and allows organizations to make use of GCP without the need to purchase new “GCP Ready” devices. For more information see the blog post. This feature is available under PaperCut’s Early Access Program.
  • Pause on Redirect. PaperCut’s print scripting is very powerful and has been used to implement many custom workflows. An often requested enhancement is the ability to redirect a job then place it in a holding state. An example would be a workflow where large jobs are automatically redirected to a high volume MFD in a managed print room, or to a Find Me queue managing MFDs. This is made possible with a new scripting option on the redirect command called allowHoldAtTarget.
  • Admin Print Release. There are two major enhancements to the manager-mode web-based release station (“/release”) and the web-based release station in the admin web interface (Printers -> Jobs Pending Release):
    • Filter settings are now saved between sessions. This means that admins no longer need to enter filter settings, such as selected printers, each time they login.
    • A new “Override” button allows admins to change the user’s account selection (charged account) prior to release.
  • Streamlined Device Deployment. It is now possible to copy device-level configuration from one device to another. Previously only printer settings were able to be copied. Now almost all settings can be duplicated, including user authentication settings and even device specific settings.


  • Improved integration and setup with OS X 10.9 (Mavericks):
    • Removed the need to install Oracle Java on the primary server.
    • Support for tracking print queues that use CUPS spool file compression.
  • Enhanced Web Print to support RTF documents (requires MS Word installed on the sandbox server).
  • New printer-level override settings to enforce:
    • all jobs charged to users’ personal accounts
    • all jobs charged to users’ personal accounts but associated with a shared account (for reporting purposes, e.g. for user-level quotas but department-level tracking)
  • Print job watermarking: It is now possible to insert a user’s id number(s) into a watermark.
  • For security reasons, browser autocompletion on the login form is disabled by default. Organizations with strong browser configuration and user profiles can choose to enable autocompletion via a new advanced config option auth.web-login.autocomplete.
  • The get-user-property server-command and API has been enhanced to return the user’s “auto-charge to shared account” setting.
  • When the PaperCut client software is used for authentication (Pop-up Authentication), it is now possible to offer the option of authenticating with an id/card number (and optional PIN). This is useful in environments where primary authentication is a card or id rather than username and password (e.g. public libraries).
  • Added an option to enable strict SSL certificate checks in the user client software for enhanced security when a server is using a signed certificate.
  • Linux user/group sync: added support for Windows nested groups when using Samba as the user/group source.
  • Print scripts that store custom data are no longer limited to 1,000 characters per item.


  • Improved the Web Print printer name matching algorithm for mobile print queues, where previously the wrong printer could be selected in some cases.
  • When using the “hide document name” option the document name for all kinds of jobs are now hidden, including redirected jobs and Web Print jobs.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the duplex, grayscale and paper size fields from being displayed in the “Shared account printing invoice – logs” PDF report.
  • When the option to omit user or document names from the print log is selected, the details are also now omitted from the text file print logs as well as the database.
  • Low toner notifications are now issued for each toner color. (Previously low toner notifications were issued collectively.) The printer location can also be optionally omitted from the low toner notification messages.
  • Fixed a rare bug that prevented running scheduled reports on the 28th day of the month.
  • Fixed translations for Slovenian and Arabic that were incorrectly showing Czech in some locations.
  • The option “Don’t apply the printer’s filter settings to this user’s jobs”, will now override all filters including grayscale and duplex conversions.
  • When running the PaperCut Application Server on a Windows system and the service has been configured to run as a custom service account, the PaperCut logs now correctly report the service account’s username (on recent Windows Server versions the logs would always report “SYSTEM”).
  • If an existing print queue is changed to point to a new physical device, the displayed printer model/type will now update correctly.
  • Release Stations: Fixed problem using pay-and-release mode payment integration with the Blackboard and CBORD payment gateway modules (it was possible for the amount of credit given to users to be one cent different to the amount deducted from the gateway).

Printer compatibility improvements:

  • Added the ability to detect duplex and N-up pages on the Riso ComuColor IS1000C950C PostScript drivers.
  • Improved copy count detection on some HP, OKI and Ricoh devices with PCL 5 drivers.
  • Improved color detection on HP M451DN color printer PCL6 drivers.
  • Detect 2-up booklet mode for Konica Minolta 1051 PostScript printer drivers.
  • Fixed a potential page-level color detection that may occur when printing from Acrobat Reader version 8 and higher.
  • Improved N-up and grayscale detection for the Epson SC-T3050 printer driver on Mac.
  • Improved N-up detection on the CanoniPF760 and related devices.
  • Improved support for FX 360 printers.
  • Improved hardware page count validation support for the following models of Ricoh devices: MP C2051, MP C305, MP C3003, MP C4502, MP C4503.

Copier / Device Integration:

  • Improved currency display on MFDs for some currencies (e.g. Thai Baht).
  • HP FutureSmart Onboard/Embedded v24120*:
    • Fixed an issue that could cause bad card reads when a card reader is plugged in during device startup, then unplugged and plugged in again.
    • Improved SSO integration with certain 3rd party apps that are sensitive to using a Windows domain for authentication.
  • Konica Minolta Onboard/Embedded (OpenAPI):
    • Improved display of shared accounts with long names.
    • Allow password, id and PIN entry using the adaptive keyboard.
    • Remove limitation on the number of shared accounts that may be displayed on Konica Minolta OpenAPI 3.x devices.
  • Toshiba Onboard/Embedded (e-BRIDGE Open Platform) – SDK2 devices:
    • Improved the retrieval of serial number information from Toshiba devices to reduce the occurrence of duplicate device errors.
  • Sharp Onboard/Embedded (OSA):
    • Add support for the OSA Offline Mode to allow printing to continue when the device cannot contact the PaperCut server. If the Application Server is offline for more than five minutes, a suitably configured Sharp device will enter offline mode enabling printing and copying to be performed. Currently copy jobs performed whilst in offline mode are not tracked after the Application Server is reconnected.
    • Add internationalization for some error messages displayed on the Sharp user interface.
    • Changes to enable tracking of broadcast faxes.
  • Xerox Onboard/Embedded (Xerox Secure Access EIP 2.0+):
    • The color copying restriction filter is now correctly applied to users with unrestricted balance.
    • Improved the resilience and handling of certain unexpected error conditions on the MFP.

Other Notes:

  • This release contains a database upgrade and administrators should factor this into their upgrade plan.
  • Devices marked with * require installing an updated version of the embedded software to access new features and fixes.
  • PaperCut now enforces unique email addresses. When performing a User/Group Sync (and when upgrading to 13.5 or newer) and the user directory contains multiple users with the same email address, the email will be assigned to the first user alphabetically and a warning message will be logged for the others.
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