PaperCut License Changes Round Up

Aimed at SOP and Sales teams everywhere, this is a quick summary of the recent PaperCut License Changes.

Library Pricing

Library Pricing

We’re happy to let you know that PaperCut have made some changes that will smooth out the process for ordering multiple-branch library licenses!

The old policy was as follows:
For Public Libraries (unlimited users), the base license price was the same as the PaperCut MF/NG 1000 User Education price for the main library. Additional branch libraries were added at 50% cost of main branch price. Forget all of that now.

The new policy and process for ordering a multiple-branch library license is as follows:
For Public Libraries (unlimited users), the base license price is the same as the PaperCut MF/NG 1000 user Education price for the main library. Additional branch libraries can be added by purchasing an additional 1000 Educational users to the main library license.


  • A Library has 1 branch – Price up 1,000 educational users (plus the normal embedded and PUA elements of a license)
  • A library has 5 branches – Price up 5,000 educational users (plus the normal embedded and PUA elements of a license)
  • A library has 42 branches – price up 42,000 educational users (plus the normal embedded and PUA elements of a license)

Simple! When ordering a library license, please include the following information:

  1. The number of library branches you’re purchasing for
  2. The names of each of the branches
  3. A website for each branch
License Exceptions

License Exceptions

You already know that by default, PaperCut will factor in all accounts in the sync source when calculating and verifying its license. If the user count cannot be reduced using technical/procedural methods outlined here, the organisation can apply for an exception. This means that the organization will be issued a special license that covers all users in the Sync Source under the condition that the active user count remains below the official license limit.

The license you receive via email will be using a new naming convention. This means the license exception in the organisation name will be reflected differently!

Current convention – Currently, the exception reads as the total number of users for that license. For example, University of PaperCut (EXC25K) means this customer has 25,000 users in total even though they have only purchased 20,000 (in this example).

New convention – The license will reflect the number of free users (exception to the purchased users). In the example above it will read as University of PaperCut (EXC5K) going forward.

The idea behind this is to allow the license to truly reflect the number of users that are the exception (meaning the free users).

Trial Licenses

Trial Licenses

Currently, a fresh install of PaperCut kick-starts a 40-day trial. After that, if you need more time then extensions are requested by sending an email to using our template:

  • Full Name of Customer (no abbreviation):
  • PaperCut Version (MF/NG):
  • Reason for Extension:
  • Length of Extension:
  • Expected Close Date:
  • Number of Embedded:
  • Number of Site Servers:
  • Number of Users:

If after the initial 40 days and subsequent 30-day extension you require additional time then our presales team will work with you (and PaperCut’s Tech Services Team) to assist you in any we can. Trials are certainly still available beyond the initial 70 days but, PaperCut wishes to make sure all efforts are made to provide the reseller network with the highest level of support in their opportunities and to ensure a seamless experience for the customer.

We aim to turn around all trial extension requests within 24 hours.

Quote tool - Old licenses

Quote tool - Old licenses

You probably have already seen the new quote tool feature enabled late last year.

While creating a quote, if you use an old base license, you will now be notified by a message and warned this might lead to an incorrect quote. The reason the quote might be wrong using an old license is the newer version of the license may contain more (or less) items and, that will impact any renewals.

In the short term, you will need to find the latest license.  Please send us an email if you need our help locating the latest license file for a customer.

Charity Discounts

Charity Discounts

For clarity, if they have a charity number, then please feel free to ask us to use education pricing. Please ask sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment after already quoting the customer. 


Should you have any questions, please contact your account manager |

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