Indigo Financial Centre PaperCut Integration

Indigo Financial Centre PaperCut integrations

The development team here at Selectec were recently tasked with building an Indigo Financial Centre PaperCut integration. As always, the team was happy to take on a new challenge.

So, the dev team consumed a LOT of caffeine and pizza and produced a PaperCut integration for Indigo Financial Centre, which was requested by our friends at Toshiba.

Indigo allows UK law firms to manage their accounts and back-office functions. Toshiba needed a way for PaperCut to communicate the costs associated with different Cases, and feed that data back to Indigo in a similar way to our solution for Peppermint technology.

Toshiba required PaperCut to take Clients and Matters out of Indigo Financial Centre and add them into PaperCut as Shared Accounts. This enabled users to be correctly charged for the prints and copies they are making. Also, because we like to be thorough, this (like our other integrations) will work on Windows, Mac, or Linux servers.

About Indigo Financial Centre

The Indigo team can boast the longest pedigree in developing systems for the legal profession, going back to 1980. They have been the best-kept secret in Legal IT. They have been providing solutions for Law Firms for over 20 years under their current structure and 35+ years since they first began developing software for lawyers.

If you require an Indigo Financial Centre PaperCut integration, get in touch with the support team, who can provide integrations for almost anything (they’ve yet to find something they can’t make an integration for)!

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Since we started working with selectec and using papercut 7 years ago we have found the product and the support team excellent, long may the relationship continue

Simon Riley Direct-tec
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