Drivve Image 9

Drivve Image 9 has just been released! It comes with lots of great new features including new license models for Drivve Image.

Noteable features include:

  • New admin security features
  • New output formats
  • Electronic signatures
  • PDF encryption
  • New License model

The new Drivve Image 9 OCR Module outputs to PPTX, EPUB, XPS and HTML formats. Image 9 also comes with digital signatures for PDF files allowing you to securely encrypt PDFs.

Secure Drivve Image 9’s admin interface with password protection so only authorised employees can access the configuration settings. Also new to the administration interface in version 9 is the option to show the scan profile display orders can be set on the MFP control panel.

New License Model for Drivve Image version 9

Version 9 comes with a shiny new license model for Drivve Image.

The launch of version 9 includes new item-numbers, important license model extensions, a new Drivve Image Edition and other miscellaneous extensions of existing modules, as well as, the administration of Drivve Image.

The standard module includes the Scanner Power Tools (SPT), these offer the key components for fully integrated work processes. SPT contains basic functions to optimise scanned documents and will exist in legacy editions.

In order to fully take advantage of Drivve Image’s standard module, you need to purchase further modules and packs (Extensions). These modules are available in a non-vendor-specific edition, Universal Device Licenses (UDL), Server Processing Licenses (SPL) or Desktop Client edition.

Please note the following purchase process requirements:

  1. You need a basic module (SPT) license to if you want to add extension modules. (1001 – Generic – is not available)
  2. Scanner Power Tools (basic module) is not included with the extension modules or packs.
  3. Extension Packs must be ordered simultaneously with the Basic Module SPT and redeemed on the same customer’s server. The licenses can only be ordered and redeemed in combination.
  4. Extension Modules can be purchased as a single license at any time.

Example of the order process:

New order process V9   Order process V8 and below
Basic Module (SPT)
+ Professional Pack
= Professional Pack
Basic Module (SPT)
+ Starter Pack (OCR)

= Pack 1 (SPT, OCR)
Basic Module (SPT)
+ SharePoint Connector (SPC)
= Scanner Power Tools (SPT)
+ SharePoint Connecor (SPC)

Within the new license model there are the following Extension Packs available:

Drivve | Image Starter Pack

Drivve | Image Light Pack

Drivve | Image Professional Pack

Drivve | Image Microsoft Office 365® Collaboration Pack

Image Starter Pack

Includes the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) module and, when used in combination with the basic module Scanner Power Tools, enables you to optimise, read, search, and use the information contained in scanned documents.

Image Light Pack

Image light comes with the OCR and Universal Database Connector (UDC) modules. With the Drivve Image Database Connector (IDC) you can access relevant information within your organisation, and use these for your scan process. This functionality enables users to speed up input processes and avoid input mistakes. During the scan process, the OCR Module processes the document regarding readability, searchability and filtering information.

Image Professional Pack

The pack includes the OCR, Barcode and UDC modules – with the OCR Module, you can convert your scanned documents into searchable PDFs, transform paper documents into editable data, or filter documents using a contract number from a scanned contract.

Furthermore, the Barcode Module enables the separation and assigning of documents, analyses barcode values, and uses the data for process optimisation.

Additionally, the UDC tools can be used to avoid input mistakes and speed up input processes. As a result, UDC provides the tools to choose information required from the available data in your source file, on the device.

The Microsoft Office 365® Collaboration Pack

This pack includes the Cloud Connector (CCM) and SharePoint Connector (SPC) modules for Office 365 Business Premium, these modules complement your Microsoft products in one solution.

The suite includes first-class applications of Office 365, Windows 10 and other Enterprise Mobility Services, such as OneDrive and SharePoint. These intelligent solutions use advanced security and device administration functions to secure your company. Just like Drivve Image, the Business Premium Suite is designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Drivve Image completes this unique Microsoft Suite by capturing and optimising documents as well as the usage of existing filing structures directly on the MFP. The software automatically generates the file name and filing destination during the scan process.

We’ll have more details for you in the upcoming weeks including technical notes on the release. In the meantime, if you have any questions please get in touch with your account manager or a member of the team who will be happy to help you out.

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