Channel Team Newbie

As a new starter at selectec, I wanted to sum up my thoughts on how I see Channel Management. The odd thing is that until five months ago I had not come across this term. Even odder is that I have been involved in sales for most of my (long) working life.

Being part of the channel as I see it, means that you are between the producer and the re-seller. A fantastic place to enjoy relationships in both areas. I look forward to getting out and about and putting some faces to the names and voices I communicate with every day.

In my short time here. I can see that great Channel Management involves a healthy dose of sales know-how, new business development, alliance building and a pinch of marketing. Is it all about hitting targets before the end of the month? Not that I have seen, it’s about working with your re-sellers (friends?) and working on mutual goals and removing pain points. Forget the tree’s; you need to be looking at the forest in 5 years time.

Good Channel Management?

To me, being a good channel manager is akin to a successful marriage. selectec (partner 1), Reseller (partner 2) and the Software (Children). You need to listen to what you are being asked (told) to do and make sure that what you have said you’ll do gets done when you said that it would.

Is it all quotes / tender response help / training / advice and being available 24/7? Of course not, you will also get to take the re-sellers out for the occasional night out. I’m told by our Channel Management team that it is all about spending quality time together and building relationships. Although, as with most married couples you will only probably talk about the children when you are out anyway…


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