5 ways document management improves business efficiency

Are your customers looking for a low-cost document management system? Here are 5 ways document management improves business efficiency.

Document management software allows businesses to streamline access to all of your company documents in one interface regardless of location. Be these paper – in a scanned format – or digital files, allowing you to view files in almost all formats.


Many organisations have lots of ways in which they store company documents, which can vary widely among different departments as employees bring their preference for systems from previous roles. Document management systems can help businesses to consolidate their different storage types into one point of access that allows all of their employees to view and edit the required company documents.


1. Automate tasks

Increase efficiency within your workforce by automating admin tasks. Routing email attachments to predefined folders to be saved keeps your processes moving smoothly. With automated workflow routing, you can make efficiency gains by reducing the time employees are taking part in admin, freeing up time to do more pressing tasks.

How else can this benefit my business?

  • Search anything with automated file indexing
  • Automatically file documents – even from an email address!
  • Share securely with expiry dates for links
  • Better manage company archives


2. Improve staff communication throughout your organisation

In different offices and departments or working remotely, keeping staff up to date can be difficult at times. With document management systems you can easily share files between individuals, departments, and offices. You are able to access files remotely while working from home or while travelling, with many having apps that allow you access to files via your smartphone or tablet. Staff can work together on files at any time to make quick changes and send back to their colleague or client, with close integration between the most commonly used office packages, like Microsoft 365 and Google’s G Suite.

If you’re a company that shares files with clients, you can make your document management system your own by adding your own branding to the software to share files with your clients that are in keeping with your companies brand.


3. Reduce your IT helpdesk requests

Let’s be honest, IT staff are probably the most in-demand department in your company, with what feels like an endless array of questions that could probably have been solved with a quick Google of the problem. With document management solutions, you can have all of your storage presented in one fool-proof, intuitive interface. There is no need for awkward remote desktops or VPNs, and by removing an additional process that needs managing you’ll get fewer helpdesk requests!


4. Access anything from any device

App integration allows your company seamless data access across incompatible platforms. Giving you access to network files across Mac and PC, Tablet and Mobile, with no need for extra infrastructure to ensure access across different platforms.


Screen 2

5. Better organisation

All files are presented in one location, be it your on-premise or cloud-based storage (such as Dropbox, AWS, OneDrive, Google Drive, and many more).

Search functions allow you to easily search all of your storage locations at the same time. Files are indexed when your network is quiet, and can also include permissions within the indexing, allowing you to control what users are allowed to access.


Document management systems can be an expensive investment for some businesses, with costs easily running into tens of thousands of pounds! Our solution offers your customers all of the benefits of document management, without the associated costs. Giving you a great complimentary product for your network and cloud solutions.

Foldr gives you all of the above benefits, plus, it allows your users to access files in the office or remotely, be that in a home office, other work premises while commuting, abroad, or on a desert island. Basically anywhere you can get internet access (so maybe not the desert island)!



Download our Foldr product brochure, or start a trial, and see how Foldr can help unify your business!


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