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How can Print Management improve an organisation's sustainability?

Print management software like the amazing PaperCut helps businesses monitor, control, and optimise their print environment. Learn how environmental print policies can help improve a business’s sustainability below.

Define environmentally-friendly printing policies

Print management software can help businesses save money by reducing unnecessary printing by enforcing printing policies, and optimising printer usage. For example, PaperCut Hive is a cloud-based print management software that tracks and accounts for every print, copy, and scan job and provides features like duplex and black and white printing.

Ensure users only print when necessary

Print management software helps businesses protect their confidential information and comply with regulations by preventing unauthorised access, ensuring data encryption, and providing audit trails. Find Me printing has the added benefit of only allowing users to print documents when physically at the device, so no more uncollected print jobs can be produced.

Enhance sustainability

Print management software like PaperCut Hive can help businesses reduce their environmental impact by minimising paper and toner consumption, lowering energy usage, and supporting recycling initiatives.

Enhance environmental policies

Document management software solutions help businesses manage their digital (and paper) documents throughout their lifecycle.

Reduce paper usage

Document management assist businesses in reducing their paper usage by allowing them to create, store, manage, and share documents digitally. This can help preserve trees, energy, and water, which are utilised in paper production and transport. According to a study conducted by the World Wildlife Fund, the global paper industry is the fifth-largest consumer of energy and the third most water-intensive industrial user.

Reduce storage space

By embracing document management software, businesses can reduce their reliance on physical storage and free up valuable office space. This not only saves on energy and maintenance costs but by taking this step, companies can contribute to a cleaner, greener future while improving their own bottom line.

Reduce transportation requirements

Businesses can reduce transportation costs and emissions by using Foldr's software. The software allows them to access and share documents remotely, eliminating the need for printing, mailing, or faxing. This can enhance communication and collaboration, and also provide greater security and privacy of sensitive information. According to a study by the Environmental Paper Network, 14% of greenhouse gas emissions from the paper industry come from the transportation of paper products.