Installation forms

PaperCut pre-install survey

Looking for us to help install software for you? Then, complete our technical site survey

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A person using PaperCut on an MFD's touch screen

PaperCut sales enquiry

Want to cover all the bases when talking to a customer about a new potential PaperCut solution?

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Integration request form

Need a custom integration with a third party system such as Thomson Reuters Elite to synchronise matter codes or need a bespoke connector to online payment service?
Our Pre-Sales Team will engage with you (and, if needed, your client) to discuss your requirements in detail before involving our developers. This form starts the ball rolling

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Prox card/fob testing request

Along with being able to supply you with card readers and complementary cards, we also provide a free-of-charge testing service for our reseller network

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Bespoke PaperCut script request

Bespoke PaperCut scripting request: we are experienced in creating custom scripts to introduce a whole new level of customisation

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