WorldPay Corporate payment gateway

As you well know, PaperCut integrates with most major payment gateways. PaperCut created a bunch of gateways, such as PayPal and Blackboard.

Your favourite local PaperCut partner (us!) has also developed a popular selection of online payment gateways that integrate directly into PaperCut MF/NG. In this article, we’re going to show you around our WorldPay Corporate Payment Gateway integration.

What is WorldPay?

WorldPay is a market-leading payment systems provider that allows anyone to embed payments and financial services into platforms and marketplaces.

There are currently two WorldPay integrations with PaperCut, a WorldPay standard and a Corporate version. WorldPay themselves have a connector for the standard service.

The corporate version provides organisations with an extra level of security and compliance, which is what we connect to for our payment gateway.

What we did

The selectec dev team have been hard at work looking at API documentation and putting their heads together to develop a custom payment gateway that interfaces directly with WorldPay.

Our connector allows users to add funds to their PaperCut account using WorldPay to process the payment.

PaperCut Users log in to the end user portal of PaperCut and click add funds – this takes them to a screen that allows them to purchase “credit” securely. WorldPay handles all payment aspects, and the user’s credit is topped up within PaperCut. Our gateway is compatible with both MF and NG versions of PaperCut!

Getting started

Installation is simple; a few presses of the “Next” button and our PaperCut Payment Processer UI leaps into life (but not in Internet Explorer because devs hold grudges).

The UI is going to ask you to enter some basic PaperCut information unique to your install (server IP, Port, Auth token, etc.), and it will also require information about your WorldPay Corporate account, such as merchant code and install ID (as issued by WorldPay) and authentication details for your account.

Once done, hit the test button, and you should be off and flying.

What do you need to know?

  • Initial installation kick starts a 40-day trial
  • Trial extensions and NFRs are available
  • PDF manual available for installers to prepare for installation and a built-in manual
  • Transactions can be easily searched
  • Oh, and yes, the UI has a dark mode option

Licensing FAQ:

What do I get with the product?

The installer, manual and support. The product comes with one year of support built in.

What if I need more than a year’s support?

If, for example, you require three years support, you buy the gateway and two years of support. The maximum support term we offer is three years.

What if I need five years support?

Good question! It is not a lack of faith in our product that stops us from selling support for longer periods.

Our product connects to two different services (PaperCut and WorldPay). Either company may change, EOL, or close off API access. That, and when it comes to real money payment providers (like WorldPay), must comply with any new financial regulations; this could mean significant changes. These companies usually give years of advanced notice of these changes to allow third parties to update their code. But we have to be realistic, this could lead to what we built today may not work in the future, and we need to start again (which we can/will). Nothing to be worried about, in our decades of building software, this has only happened once or twice, but we have to be realistic.

What happens if support expires?

The gateway will only process payments if it has valid support. Any missed payments can be retried and processed once the product is licensed again.

How will I know support has lapsed?

We do our best to alert our partners when product support has 90 days’ left; this gives plenty of time to raise a PO. The UI also shows any license warnings.

Ain’t nobody got time for That!

While we have designed it to be easy to install, we also understand you might not have the time. The good news is we can offer each gateway a comprehensive remote installation service.

Sounds good – How do I get started?

Reach out to your friendly neighbourhood account manager, give us a call or chuck an email over to

As a reminder, our talented Technical Services team often get requests (usually to assist with winning a tender) if PaperCut supports certain payment providers.

The answer is often a firm yes, but if not, we are more than happy to take a look. Every payment gateway we have made to date has been born out of customer requirements. If you need something made, just get in touch and let’s talk it over.