Cards & USB readers

We supply a range of RFID proximity card readers and writers, ideal for authentication with popular MFD-embedded solutions such as PaperCut MF and Hive.

Elatec TWN4 MultiTech Family

The Elatec Reader HID TWN4 is available for institutions looking for an optional and efficient way to authenticate on the system. The TWN4 is a good future-proof option as it reads many major proximity technologies should you change your card technology later. It is available with multiple overlays (PaperCut branding shown).

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Elatec TWN3 Family

The Elatec TWN3 range of readers is a popular low-cost MFD authentication solution designed for easy integration into various applications. Popular TWN3 models include the Multi 125 and Mifare readers.

The standard overlay, available with multiple branding options, is shown above.

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Elatec TCP3

TCP3 Converter

The TCP3 is available for institutions looking to add card authentication printers that don’t support embedded solutions. The device takes advantage of the PaperCut fast-release protocol.

Simply insert TCP3 into the existing LAN connection of your device. To do so, TCP3 contains 2 LAN ports, which operate as a network router.

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RFIDeas pcProx Plus Card Readers

  • Two-year warranty for complete peace of mind
  • Reads four popular card/fob technologies “out-of-the-box”
  • Compatible with the vast majority of embedded platforms
  • Built-in card analyser and one-click configuration allows resellers to spend less time setting up readers
  • Often used to read Paxton Net2 fobs
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Ethernet 241

Fast release, an ideal solution for any printer or MFP that does not support embedded applications.

Fast release is a cost-effective, secure print release solution. The fast release terminals are network connected boxes with USB card readers attached, allowing them to be used with any printer. PaperCut releases the users’ held print jobs to the printer associated with the fast release terminal.

The terminal provides two network ports that act as a hub, so there is no need to install additional network ports as it can leverage existing infrastructure.

The device takes advantage of the PaperCut fast release protocol.

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Smart, memory and proximity cards and tokens

From door entry and cashless payments to secure print release, proximity cards and fobs are an everyday sight.

At Selectec, we specialise in delivering cards and readers for solutions requiring authentication.

Not only can we supply plastic cards such as MIFARE and magstripe but we can also customise the cards with a logo and staff photos. Unlike other printing services, we can offer an edge to edge printing service so you get everything you asked for as well as true colour matching to make the images really pop-out.

Alternatively, MIFARE stickers make a great option as well, turning any “dumb” card into a MIFARE card.

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All things Prox!

We provide a free-of-charge card testing service, volume discounts, free next-day delivery and loan units for proof of concepts.

If you do not see what you are after, then let us know, and we can supply (the next day) most RFIDeas and Elatec hardware.

Please contact our sales department for more information.

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