The PaperCut knowledge you need to know!

Learn more about PaperCut's, lesser-known features, as well as updates and advancements

Workflows in PaperCut Hive

This webinar shows you how to use the PaperCut Hive-embedded UI to drive workflow tools and improve business process automation.

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PaperCut Print Deploy

This webinar brings fresh new ways to look at PaperCut’s Print Deploy!

Learn about:

  • The most popular features in Print Deploy, as discussed by our resellers
  • How it fits into a customer solution
  • Benefits of using Print Deploy
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Intuitive for PaperCut Hive

Discover how Intuitive’s Hive dashboards can revolutionise data analysis in just 15 minutes.

Learn about:

  • Intuitive for Hive
  • Key benefits
  • Dashboard analysis options
  • How to implement
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PaperCut MF 23 - New and noteworthy!

In this webinar, we’ll cover all of the new and noteworthy features of PaperCut MF 23.

You’ll enjoy this release, so join the Selectec team as we walk you through version 23!

Learn about:

  • Security enhancements
  • New Azure functionality
  • Additional Cloud service regions
  • and more!
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PaperCut Manufacturer Print Driver in PaperCut Hive

Experience the ease of managing your Find-Me print queues with the help of your Manufacturer Driver!

Discover the power of Manufacturer print drivers in PaperCut’s Find-Me print queues.

Dive deep into this exciting feature alongside our team as we explore who can benefit from it and the optimal implementation approaches.

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Add additional metadata to your scans via PaperCut MF!

Scan from your PaperCut MF-embedded MFD directly into Square 9 to add expenses, populate Account Codes, add Client Numbers and Names to your Square 9 DMS!

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