PaperCut Grows

PaperCut Grows Forest Positive initiative

Reduce print waste and transform your printing’s impact on our forests

PaperCut Grows helps businesses reduce the impact of their printing practices through its Forest Positive tree planting program – this helps to increase an organisation’s sustainability by assisting them to reduce their carbon footprint.

In a Quocira study, 83% said sustainability will be crucial by 2025. With Forest Positive printing, you’re helping businesses to meet their priorities.

What is PaperCut Grows?

Grows is a program that enables organisations to plant more trees than their print use consumes. The PaperCut Grows dashboard shows the number of trees an organisation's paper use uses and works with charities to plant more than are consumed, helping businesses improve their sustainability!




How Grows helps to promote Forest Positive printing

Immediate Environmental Benefit

Grows has an immediate environmental impact without the cost and effort of carbon accounting

Sustainability Talk

A compelling sustainability story organisations can tell to their customers, employees, regulators, and business stakeholders

Reforestation Charities

Businesses can choose relatable planting projects local to them or from around the world, managed by credible non-profit reforestation organisations that handle the logistics

Sustainability Toolkit

In-product Marketing Toolkit of graphics, logos, copy and social assets to help organisations to promote their sustainability story through their existing channels

Two people plant trees

Printing sustainability stats

Print Fooprint
Print Footprint

30% of trees cut down are used for paper processing


20% of current greenhouse gases are due to tropical forest destruction

Climate change
Climate change

One mature tree absorbs more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. That's enough oxygen to keep a human breathing for two years!

How does it work?

PaperCut Grows is a program add-on that integrates directly into the PaperCut MF or Hive software helping organisations turn their print activity into Forest Positive actions. It makes customers Forest Positive via an immediate investment in tree planting, creating proactive environmental impact and monitors printing in real time to help keep customers planting ahead of their printing.

For more information on PaperCut’s Forest Positive initiative, PaperCut Grows, head on over to the partner portal or get in touch below to discuss with your account manager.

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