keep working when it snows

Keep Working When It Snows

How do you keep working when it snows?

Every year mother nature likes to grind the UK to a frosty, icy halt. Four things then happen:

  1. Everyone rushes to grab bread and milk.
  2. Teachers and children wish for a “snow day”
  3. Snow status updates and pictures of snow, snowmen, sledges etc. appear on your Facebook timeline.
  4. People begin to question how countries like Norway and Canada seem to function all year with much deeper snowfall.

Here at Selectec we look hard into the face of snow and laugh a deep and hearty defiant laugh – you won’t catch us having the day off!

The reason we can happily keep working regardless of the weather is we have put into place various systems that should enable us to function from home/ hotel/car if we can’t make it into the office. The bad side of this of course is we can’t use the snow as an excuse to have the day off and play.

So, what makes us so resilient other than a British stiff upper lip?