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In these insightful webinars, learn more about how Intutive's dashboards' can be leveraged to improve processes and reduce costs

Intuitive for PaperCut Hive

Discover how Intuitive’s Hive dashboards can revolutionise data analysis in just 15 minutes.

Learn about:

  • Intuitive for Hive
  • Key benefits
  • Dashboard analysis options
  • How to implement

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Using dashboards to improve print consumption

This webinar looks at all things new from Intuitive. It includes their shiny new UI transformation, the latest updates to Intuitive dashboards for PaperCut MF, and the first fully-integrated BI dashboards for PaperCut Hive.

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Identify ways to improve Print Processes

Simplify your PaperCut, MPS or Print Management solution’s reports to get real-time information on print costs, risks or environmental impact. Intuitive is a user-friendly dashboard tool with pre-built dashboards that you can have set up in hours… allowing you to see how users are utilising your devices, how much they spend or what they print as an individual, department, or team.

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