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Explore more about Foldr and how it helps your clients address modern business issues in this series of webinars.

Foldr FaaS - Foldr in the Cloud

This webinar discusses Foldr FaaS, the cloud-based version of our popular Foldr product.

This session will unveil a streamlined way to sell Foldr, eliminating the need for VM discussions. We’re so passionate about automation that we’ve seamlessly integrated it into Foldr FaaS. To make things even smarter, the folks at Foldr also added a powerful layer of AI.

Learn about:

  • A simplified way to sell Foldr
  • No more VM conversations (unless you prefer them, of course)
  • We loved Automation so much that it’s been integrated into Foldr FaaS
  • AI options within FaaS
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AI for everyone!

This webinar covers how to utilise AI in print and document capture solutions and how to use its features for your customers.

We’ll discuss:

  • AI capability in our capture products.
  • How AI can simplify project deployments to make them more cost-effective and easier to sell.
  • Why AI isn’t always the answer and how we’ve fixed it.
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Foldr app feature focus

This snappy 15-minute webinar highlights the incredible abilities of Foldr’s native apps. The Selectec team will also provide a demo where you can see all the cool stuff it does live!

Learn about:

  • How you can use the app to access, edit, share, search, and manage files
  • The app’s features and benefits
  • Live demo – see it in action!
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Automate any file... could it get any more clever?MaSH, the super clever alter ego of Foldr

In this webinar, we’ll be looking at a new product that helps you to expand the reach of your existing customers. MaSH is a script-driven tool that enables automation for any process that can be completed programmatically. MaSH can automate any task on any file to the point that all it requires a user to do is press a button. Pretty neat, huh!

MaSH for Foldr allows users to:

  • Automate any process based on any content, metadata or input
  • Interact with other data sources such as Databases, APIs or other processes
  • Automatically alter, create or modify image files
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Captur - Fresh ways to view Document Management!

Captur is a cost-effective, feature-rich document capture tool that gives you the functionality of a DMS at a fraction of the price! We’ll give you a demo of this innovative new product, and show you why we think this is an exciting addition to your portfolio.

The webinar shows you:

  • How Captur changes the way your customers store and consider documents in ‘usual’ storage locations
  • How to bring additional value to subscription services that include user/business level storage
  • Document Capture made more mobile
  • How to Automate the identification of documents and files without having to move them from any repository
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Level up Foldr - make it yours and add some Capture!

A cup of Capture and a sprinkle of Foldr customisation, the recipe for a perfect webinar? We’ll show you how you can create workflows using the tools within Foldr, including:

  • Adding Global Capture to a digital workflow
  • Customising Foldr to suit an organisation – with logos, images and colours
  • Embedding a Foldr Share in a web page
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Foldr - the remote-working powerhouse

We’ll show you all this unassuming software has to offer many things. It brings together your cloud and on-premise storage putting them into one user-friendly interface (accessible from anywhere – even your home office!) as well as being a fantastic document management tool for those who have un-complex business needs.

The webinar covers:

  • Overview of Foldr with an introduction to key features
  • Understanding this fantastic solution and its disruptive price point
  • Foldr as an entry-level Document Management solution
  • Current marketplace and opportunities
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Captur - The superhero child of Foldr

In this webinar, we’re going to show you a new addition – exclusive to our resellers – that is going to change the way you view Document Management!

You’ll get a demo of the product in action, and see how it will:

  • Change the way your customers store and consider documents in ‘usual’ storage locations
  • Bring additional value to subscription services that include user/business level storage
  • Make Document Capture more mobile
  • Automate the identification of documents and files without having to move them from any repository
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